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It is Monmouth County's highest point

Crawford Hill beginning of Innovation Horn Antenna Historic Landmark National Designed and built pioneering for the Echo satellite communication experiments.

Its existence and the scientific results produced through its use are due in large measure to the technical leadership and human inspiration of Arthur  B.  Crawford,  1907-1990.

Century's Key Advances

Wilson and Penzias with their historic horned antenna at Crawford Hill, N.J.

When the intellectual history of the 20th century is written, a few achievements will tower over all. Einstein’s theory of general relativity will be one; the laws of quantum mechanics will be another. The so-called Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe will be a third.

The discovery in 1963 by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson of the cosmic microwave background of the Big Bang set the seal of approval on the theory, and brought cosmology to the forefront as a scientific discipline. It was proof that the universe was born at a definite moment, some 15 billion years ago.

Horn Antenna

Astronomy and Astrophysics

The Horn Antenna, at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey, is significant because of its association with the research work of two radio astronomers, Dr. Arno A. Penzias and Dr. Robert A. Wilson. In 1965 while using the Horn Antenna, Penzias and Wilson stumbled on the microwave background radiation that permeates the universe. Cosmologists quickly realized that Penzias and Wilson had made the most important discovery in modern astronomy since Edwin Hubble demonstrated in the 1920s that the universe was expanding.

This discovery provided the evidence that confirmed George Gamow’s and Abbe Georges Lemaitre’s “Big Bang” theory of the creation of the universe and forever changed the science of cosmology–the study of the history of the universe–from a field for unlimited theoretical speculation into a subject disciplined by direct observation. In 1978 Penzias and Wilson received the Nobel Prize for Physics for their momentous discovery. [2]


Crawford Hill is located in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, United States. It is Monmouth County's highest point, standing at least
above 🌊 sea level.

The mission of the Bell Laboratories was to assure the future of communication – and that included educating the public about the science and technology of communication.

A Documentary About The Big Bang Broadcast


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